The Future We Want. A Feminist Perspective

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Cover - "The Future We Want"

Christa Wichterich

The multiple crises – the financial crash, hunger, climate change and
resource scarcity – demonstrate emphatically that neoliberal market
globalization cannot fulfill its promises: namely to bring about the
optimal allocation of resources on the entire planet and thus be a
win-win game for all. This also implies the failure of the concept of
sustainability put forward at the 1992 United Nations Conference on
Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro. That concept was
optimistic about the compatibility of economic growth, resource
protection and social justice. The United Nations has proposed a Global
Green New Deal based on a Green Economy, as the new guiding principle
for the Rio+20 Conference. This is its effort to salvage the concept of
sustainability, which has lost credibility. The Green Economy seeks to
point a way out of the financial, climate and energy crisis and
simultaneously make the connection to the Millennium Development Goals
and poverty alleviation.

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