"Beautiful Bastard - identity, dreams, nightmares"

Outdoor Installation by Rafat Alzakout and Lena Loy & kulturelle Interventionen

In the transitional zone between dream and nightmare, how do I invent a body in a city that is to become my home? This is one of the central questions that "Beautiful Bastard" raises.

Based on Rafat's painting, Syrian artist Rafat Alzakout and scenographer Lena Loy have created an outdoor installation that can now be seen for the first time in the community garden of the Prinzenallee 58 housing cooperative.

The result is an art space of its own that invites new and old Berliners to have aesthetic experiences beyond classical art and cultural spaces such as museums, theaters or galleries. The installation will be extended by the dance performance "disrupted nights", with the Syrian musician Ali Hasan and the Iranian dancer Kaveh Ghaemi.

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