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The Feminist Voices Connected dossier explores feminist strategies for dealing with global and local forms of sexism and anti-feminism. We have invited academics, activists, lawyers and artists from all over the world to report on their experiences.

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Reproductive Justice - An Introduction

Whether, how and with whom we have children is a very intimate question, but also one of social justice. The brochure introduces the activist concept of Reproductive Justice as developed by Black feminists in the 1990s in the U.S. and transfers it to struggles for reproductive self-determination and equitable distribution of resources today in Germany. English version not available in print. Verfügbar auch auf Deutsch (Pdf and Print)  y disponible en Español.

Intersectionality and refugee women

This study critically examines some of the gendered and racialized notions about migrants embedded in and institutionalized through the EU Pact on Migration and Asylum, by engaging with the definitory and conceptual unclarities as to who the Pact defines as “especially vulnerable groups” and according to which criteria, making a relevant contribution to ongoing debates with regard to the EU’s future migration and border politics.

Perspectives #01/2021: African Feminisms Across Generations

This special edition of Perspectives reflects on, analyzes and documents the evolution of African feminisms and feminist action that African activists have taken up to address both old as well as persistent and new threats to women’s rights and gender justice. It also reflects on lessons learned from African feminist practices for current and future generations across the region.
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Here you will find videos and event recordings from the Gunda Werner Institute from the last 10 years, some of them in English. Enjoy watching.

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