Women in the Informal Economy [April-August, 2021]

In Georgia, care work is mainly performed by women but they, who sell care work are not recognized as productive workers by the state. During the first lockdown in 2020, none of the nannies received social welfare, because the state has no mechanism to identify the labor of women involved in this labor, not even considered in new pension reform. These women are not included in any program the state provides.

Given such context, this project proposed by the organization "Women's gaze", believes it is vital to popularize women's narratives in caring work in the informal economy, expose their emotional, economic, psychological, and social factors, and identify their considerable contributions to the economy and society's functioning.

The goal of the project is to raise awareness about women's engagement in informal economies. The project will research the types of work such as babysitting, cleaning, tutoring and home nursing. Project aims to: (1) growing knowledge and sensitivity about care work in society and politics; (2) creating more knowledge about the situation of the women and their role in the society; (3) create the basis for further research and public debates.

This article was published at Heinrich Böll Stiftung Tbilisi: https://ge.boell.org/en/2021/10/29/women-informal-economy-april-august-…